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'C' Stories by Jeff Cooper
If you like "Chairman Jeff's" Commentaries and columns, here is his latest book; the word from Gunsite. Great mix of shooting, hunting, history, politics, the USMC, etc. Hardbound, 316 pages, illustrated by Paul Kirchner.
7Y4091R 'C' Stories $49.95

The Last Steel Warrior The U.S. M14 Rifle by Frank Iannamico. An in-depth study of the 7.62 mm M14 rifle, from its World War II rootsuntil the end of production. Also included are facts and history of today's Springfield Armory M1A and commercial M14-type rifles. The book includes numerous vintage photographs as well as many taken from museums, privatecollections and remaining government inventory. 7.62 mm NATO ammunition - Accessories & Accouterments - Commercial M14 Type Rifles - Development & Research - Experimental Models - Harrington and Richardson Co. - Lubrication and Maintenance - Magazines Contractors - Manuals - Olin-Winchester Company - Production - Springfield Armory Inc. M1AT - The Belgian T48 versus the U.S. M14 - Full Automatic M1 Garand Rifles - Government Springfield Armory - The M14 (M) Modified Rifle - M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle - M14 M Match Rifle - M14E2 and M14A1 SAW - T44 Series Prototype Rifles - Thompson Ramo Wooldridge - Many . Softbound, 400 pages previously unpublished vintage photographs.
7Y7242R The Last Steel Warrior $29.95

WW2 FMs - M1 Rifle and M1 Carbine
Previously available only as fragile and expensive originals, or overpriced photocopies. Now we can offer reasonably priced, quality reprints of the exact same pocket sized WWII era Field Manuals used by the fighting men who put Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima under new management. The TMs (Technical Manuals) for these two classic weapons have always been readily available, and are great references for the armorer. The Field Manuals offered here cover all necessary user level mechanical information such as disassembly and assembly, maintenance, cleaning, functioning, operation, stoppages, spare parts, instruments and ammunition. But those topics are just the starting point of the FM. The bulk of these FMs deal with actual training and tactical employment of these weapons on both an individual and unit level. Includes individual and unit marksmanship practice and training; how to engage a single enemy soldier, moving vehicles or overflying aircraft. This is information not found in the Technical Manual, but is covered in these books in some detail. Both softbound.
M1 Rifle, FM 23-5 (1943), 370 pages $14.95
M1 Carbine, FM 23-7 (1944), 225 pages $11.95

BLACK RIFLE II - The M16 Into the 21st Century
by Christopher R. Bartocci. Sequel to the 1987 The Black Rifle. The M16 has gone on to become the longest-serving shoulder arm in US history, and the benchmark against which any new military rifle, American or otherwise, must now be compared. The M16 today is at the center of a thriving, multi-million-dollar industry involving numerous companies and military agencies who are designing and manufacturing drop-in upper receivers in various configurations and calibers, plus complex rail systems and other high-tech accessories, all based on the M16 platform, which grows more firmly established with each passing day. This book chronicles all the new third- and fourth-generation rifle and carbine models which have been introduced by Colt and Diemaco since The Black Rifle was originally published, and describes and depicts the myriad of enhanced sights and rails systems which help make the M16s of today the most versatile, modular and effective combat weapons in the world. It also includes a comprehensive survey of the Colt semi-automatic-only family of commercial and law enforcement products, in .222 Remington, 5.56mm (.223 Remington), 9mm and 7.62x39mm, and an in-depth Reference Compendium of all Colt military and civilian models and components. Hardbound, 408 pages, 626 illustrations.
7Y5348R Black Rifle II $69.95

United States Submachine Guns by Frank Iannamico This profusely illustrated new book covers the research and development of the submachine gun in the U.S. from World War I to the present. Some of the weapons and subjects covered in this well-researched work include: Post WWII Submachine Guns Reising M50, Ithaca M3A1, Erquiaga SMG, McQueen Sidewinders, The Unger, Ingram M5, M6, M7, M8 and M9, Ingram M10, MAC 10, MAC 11, Texas MAC M10A1, Jersey Arms M10, RPB MACs, SWD MACS and M11/Nine, Smith & Wesson Model 76, West Hurley Thompsons and Drum Magazines, The Viking, AM 180, MK Arms MK760, Global Arms M76A1, Stemple Submachine Guns, Medea Corporation M3A1, Colt 9mm Submachine Guns (M16), Group and Vector UZIs, Calico 960 SMG. WWII Submachine Guns The Pederson Device, The Hyde 109 submachine gun, The Hyde Model 35, Smith & Wesson Light Rifle, H&R Reising, Atmed submachine gun, Hi Standard Submachine Gun, The Woodhull, 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun, M1 and M1A1 Thompsons, Hyde-Inland, Masco Submachine Gun, U.S. M2 Submachine Gun, The Turner, United Defense UD M42, U.S. M3A1, Auto-Ordnance T-2, The T15 and T20, The U.S. M3 Submachine Gun, United Defense UD-1, The Olsen Submachine Gun, The Sedgley , The Ruger MP9 Plus...learn how many foreign submachine guns fared when tested against the U.S. designs at the Aberdeen Proving Ground from 1939 to1943. Softbound, many photos and charts, nearly 500 pages.
7Y7240R US SMGs $29.95

American Thunder II: The Thompson Military Submachine Guns
by Frank Iannamico. Updated second edition! There have been many books written about the original Colt Thompsons, but never before has such an in depth volume been published on the wartime Thompsons. Includes detailed descriptions of the 1928, 1928A1, M1 and M1A1 models, early history of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation, pre-WWII Colt Thompsons, The Savage Arms Co. Thompsons, the Auto-Ordnance Bridgeport Thompsons, WWII production dates and figures, British and French contracts with Auto-Ordnance, Lend-Lease Thompsons, U.S. Government contracts and numbers, drum and magazine contractors, parts manufacture and original cost, accessories and accoutrements, manuals and more. Softbound, 530 pages, 650+ photographs and charts
Am. Thunder II $29.95

Firearms Suppressor Patents
Volume 1: United States Patents by N.R. Parker, foreword by Alan C. Paulson. The past 25 years have brought amazing advances in the technology, art and science of devices that suppress the sound of gunfire. Now, silencer industry insider N.R. Parker analyzes 37 of the most significant, historic and effective silencer designs ever patented in the United States, as well as some unusual designs and a handful of notable failures. Parker wades through the technical jargon of patent language to identify the noteworthy, unique or revolutionary aspects of each design, detailing not only the important construction elements but the concepts behind its sound-suppression technology. Softcover, 392 pages, illus.
2J0460R F.A. Supp. Patents $45.00

Molon Labe by Boston T. Party. Boston's first novel; six years in the making and worth the wait! After a decade of retaking their stolen freedoms, the people of Wyoming are forced to finally confront their jealous masters in the U.S. Government. Can a lone, courageous state successfully resist federal tyranny, or has the Bill of Rights been reduced to a myth? Can an allegedly free people act free, or is our liberty just a 4th of July farce? These issues weigh heavily on the shoulders of Governor James Wayne Preston, a decorated Desert Storm Marine helo pilot. Elected in 2014 on the Laissez-Faire Party ticket, he enjoys nearly full support of the legislature to return Wyoming to a long-lost era of liberty. But how far can he and the people of his state go before Washington feels compelled to act? Will Wyoming's free and independent course reach actual secession? Will President Melvin Connor suppress the maverick Western state with federal troops? Softbound, 454 pages.
7X6607R Molon Labe $24.00

The Gas Trap Garand by Billy Pyle. Finally, a comprehensive book on the rarest M1 rifles-the initial 80 rifles made in Garand's shop and the subsequent 50,000 "gas trap" M1's made at Springfield Armory between 1937 and 1940. This book has a depth of technical and historical information never before seen on this specialized subject, all in a very high quality publication. Hardbound, 316 pages, 383 photos and illustrations.
5J5260R Gas Trap Garand $59.95

Sniper. The techniques and equipment of the deadly marksman by Mark Spicer. New British book is a manual on fieldcraft, including camouflage and concealment, use of sniper teams, positions and use of current sniping systems. Includes photos of current military snipers from several nations as well as weapons and equipment. Softbound, 144 pages, illus.
7S8307R Sniper by Spicer $29.95

Hard Rain
History of The Browning Machine Guns by Frank Iannamico. In-depth study of these famous weapons as used in World War II and beyond. The book starts out with a brief overview of the history of the machine gun as a military weapon. Subsequent chapters tell of the urgent WWII requirements for machine guns, and how American companies met the challenge of manufacturing millions of the Browning guns, parts, mounts and accessories. All of the WWII contracts are listed, as well as the prices the government paid for the weapons and mounts. Complete detailed descriptions of all variations of the .30 and .50 caliber guns are covered, including ground, aircraft, tank and experimental models. Accessories described include the various mounts, flash-hiders, tools, belts, and links. WWII machine gun tactics to include ground, aircraft and anti-aircraft roles are described. The book concludes with a chapter on today's shooter and collectors of the Browning guns. Included are the modern "new manufacture" variations, semi-automatic guns, display models, caliber conversions, maintenance and more. Softbound, 326 pages, over 250 photos, charts and documents.
7Y9548R Hard Rain $29.95

US Army Special Operations Target Interdiction Course. Sniper Training and Employment. Official manual used by the U.S. Army to train snipers in support of Special Operations Forces (SOF) missions. Loads of information specific to the unique requirements of SpecOps, including special mission equipment; troubleshooting the Sniper Weapons System; engagement of moving and snap targets; sniper tactics for unconventional warfare, direct action, counterterrorism, combat search and rescue, countersniper situations and civil disturbance assistance; tricks of the trade in urban environments; battlefield recovery of ammunition; and much more. Soft., 560 pages, illus.
2J0043R Spec Ops Target Interdiction $50.00

Rapid Fire by Anthony G. Williams. The development of automatic cannon and heavy machine guns for armies, navies and air forces. Comprehensive history of the development of heavy weapons for all nations throughout the 20th century. Includes information on cartridges, projectiles, mounts, sights, feed devices and more. Heavy emphasis on the 1935-1955 period as well as a look to the future. Hardbound, 256 pages, almost 200 illus.
9V0739R Rapid Fire $39.95

American Thunder by Frank Iannamico. Big new history of the military Thompson Submachine Guns. Covers the various models, accessories, drums and mags, serial ranges, ammunition, etc. for Colts, Auto Ordnance, Savage, M1-M1A1, etc. Information for today's Class 3 shooter as well. Lots of good information at a reasonable price. Softbound, 294 pages, heavily illustrated.
7X9227R Am. Thunder N/A

Tactical Pistol Marksmanship by Gabe Suarez. If you subscribe to the (sighted fire) "Modern Technique of the pistol" (and Suarez makes a good case for it here), this is very current thinking on how to hone your shooting skills to combat ready levels. Includes basics of grip and stance, practice routines, employment in low light, reloads, malfunctions, failure to stop. Softbound, 190 pages, illustrated
2J0278R Tac Pistol Marksmanship $20.00

Street Smarts, Firearms and Personal Security by Jim Grover. For years we promoted Massad Ayoob's Truth About Self-Protection. With that book no longer available, we think we have a worthy successor. New book compiles best of Grover's Guns & Ammo and Handguns articles on every area of personal safety from home and vehicle security to close combat and night shooting. Softbound, 280 pages, illus.
2J0067R Street Smarts $35.00

The Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course by Dean Michaelis. It all began with the oversized German rifles of WWI, but has now been brought to the level of a fine art. Covers the major rifles, day and night sighting systems, laser range finders and meteorological instruments. Techniques taught include allowing for range and weather, zeroing these heavy rifles, interpreting ballistic data and more. Covers Softbound, 576 pages, illus.
2J0068R .50-Cal Sniper Course $60.00

Legends and Reality of the AK. Behind the scenes look at history, design and impact of the Kalashnikov family of weapons by Val Shilin and Charlie Cutshaw. A treasury of information from the Izmash Arms Factory, home base of the Kalashnikov Design Bureau. Covers AK rifles, shotguns and pistols. Everything from the earliest Kalashnikov designs to photos of the latest prototypes of the AN-94 rifle. Softbound, 192 pages, illus.
2J0069R Legends/Reality of AK $35.00

Extreme Close-Quarters Shooting (video). A critical analysis of contact-distance shooting tactics with Ralph Mroz. Most gunfight deaths occur at distances of less than 5 feet; a distance that one prominent training facility refers to as "The Hole". Various techniques such as the Speed Rock, and Shove and Shoot are demonstrated on the range, and realistic scenarios are played out for the camera. Color, 60 minutes, VHS.
2J0056V ECQ Shooting Video $39.95

Tactical Reality by Louis Awerbuck, author of The Defensive Shotgun and Hit or Myth. Collects ten years of Awerbuck's magazine articles in SWAT and SOF on subjects ranging from creative target systems to marksmanship under stress, and survival in deadly force situations. Latest word in realistic training. Softbound, 272 pages, photos.
2J0051R $30.00

The Fighting Submachine Gun, Machine Pistol and Shotgun by Timothy J. Mullin, author of Testing the War Weapons. Mullin's latest evaluates more than 50 SMGs and shotguns from WWI to the present, including personal testing in combat type conditions. Tells which weapons work and which don't, which are better for police and which for military, how different ammo affects performance and much more in this photo illustrated book. Softbound, 224 pages.
2J0040R Fighting SMG by Mullin $35.00

ID Cards:

US Marine Sniper ID. Pocket sized card is blank - you supply the information and picture. Complete with laminated cover and simple instructions. $4.95

US Army Sniper ID. Pocket sized card is blank - you supply the information and picture. Complete with laminated cover and simple instructions. $4.95


Concealed Weapons Badge. Over 30 States now have non-discretionary CCW laws. Professional quality CCW badge comes with US type enamel center. $24.95

If you prefer, add $6.00 to your order and we can supply a badge center for your particular State along with simple instructions for affixing same.

U.S. Infantry Weapons of World War II by Bruce N. Canfield. Improved Second Edition. The definitive study of the infantry weapons carried into combat by the Army and Marines and fired from the hand, shoulder or light support - rifles, carbines, edged weapons, shotguns, machine guns, mortars, bazookas, grenades, recoilless rifles, submachine guns, automatic rifles, flame throwers. Special "collectors notes" in each chapter! Hardbound, 303 pp., 417 photos, 8.5" x 11".
7X5121R US Inf Wpns WWII $35.00

A Collector's Guide to U.S. Combat Shotguns by Bruce N. Canfield. From the earliest examples up to the Gulf War and beyond. The most stress is given to the trench guns, riot guns and training guns of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Softbound, 184 pp., 8" x 10.75", illustrated with many descriptive and archival photographs and tables.
7X5122R Collector Guide US Shotguns $24.00

Japanese Military Cartridge Handguns 1893-1945 by Harry L. Derby III and James D. Brown. New book adds 20 years of original research to Hand Cannons of Imperial Japan, of which this is an expanded and revised edition. In addition to the pistols and revolvers you would expect, covers signal pistols, foreign procured arms, ammunition, holsters, accessories, newly discovered variants, coverage of Japanese markings, inspection marks on the Types 14 and 94, serial number and production data. Major work which will quickly be accepted as "the" authority. Hardbound,3 350 pages, 550 photos and illustrations in b&w and color.
6E1780R Jap. Mil. Cartridge HG $79.95

German 7.9mm Military Ammunition by Daniel W. Kent. This is the second revised and expanded edition - an encyclopedic study of the Mauser round. Covers both World Wars - S Ball, tracer, incendiary, explosive bullets, signal rounds, poison rounds, API, electric primed, duplex bullets, etc., etc. The first edition went out of print in the mid-1970s. This revised edition is crammed with illustrations and answers every question on this important military round. 235 pages, hardbound. Last call for this nice book, supplies very limited
4W0001R German 7.9mm Ammo OP

Skoda Heavy Guns by Michal Prasil. The Czech firm of Skoda was the second largest arms manufacturer in Europe. The heavy guns of Skoda and their unique gasoline-electri transports, served in both World Wars. Covers the 24cm cannon, 38cm howitzer, 42cm howitzer. Softbound, 144 pages, many illustrations
6E0288 Skoda Heavy Guns $19.95

Blitzkrieg (MP-40) The MP-40 Maschinenpistole of World War II by Frank Iannamico. The author's earlier MP-40 book has been completely revised and reformatted. Includes coverage of the MP18, MP28, Bergmann, Erma, Steyr-Solothurn, MP36, Aberdeen Proving Grounds trials, production and proof mark information, accessories, other German SMGs, and a chapter for the modern shooter-collector. Softbound, 278 pages, many photos, illustrations and documents.
7Y9549R Blitzkrieg (MP-40) $29.95

The Tactical 1911. The Street Cop's and SWAT Operator's Guide to Employment and Maintenance by Dave Lauck. In the 1970s and 1980s, after many law enforcement agencies began to adopt various models of handguns chambered in the 9mm round, horror stories began to emerge of drug-crazed felons and psychopaths not stopping when hit by what should have been several fatal shots. These innumerable tales have led to the reemergence of the fabled Colt Model 1911 chambered in .45 ACP, a round famous for its one-shot-and-you-stop capability. The Tactical 1911 is the definitive guide to choosing, modifying, and employing the big .45 for every situation the street cop or SWAT team member might encounter. From base guns, ammo and holster selection and concealed carry to accessories, gunfighting tactics and maintenance, this one-of-a-kind manual from veteran cop and master gunsmith Dave Lauck teaches you everything you need to know about the great Colt 1911. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 152 pp.
2J4985R Tactical 1911 $25.00

The Tactical Marksman by Dave Lauck. Expert advice for both tactical and competitive rifle shooting. Advanced level information on optics, zeroing, ballistics, maintenance, practical training, close-action rifle, etc. Softbound, 176 pages, extensively illustrated.
2J4881R The Tactical Marksman $34.95

The Tactical Pistol by Gabriel Suarez, foreword by Jeff Cooper. Advanced Gunfighting Concepts and Techniques. More than 20 chapters give detailed coverage on lifesaving lessons from the streets of L.A.-tactics and techniques for deploying and firing your sidearm. Softbound, 216 pages, illustrated.
2J4864R The Tactical Pistol $25.00

The Tactical Shotgun by Gabriel Suarez. The best techniques and tactics for employing the shotgun in personal combat. 22 chapters cover all kinds of short range, low light situations, stopping power, ammunition, one handed operation, sights, etc. Softbound, 232 pages, illus.
2J4327R The Tactical Shotgun $25.00

The Tactical Rifle by Gabriel Suarez. Latest in the series. Exposes the myths that have largely kept rifles out of urban policing and details the many advantages and innovative techniques that can make the long gun a lifesaver for the police officer and tactical rifleman. Softbound, 264 pages, photos.
2J0049R Tactical Rifle $25.00

The New World of Russian Small Arms and Ammo by Charlie Cutshaw. The AK-47 and SKS could not be better known. This book covers the lesser known, newly developed and highly innovative Russian small arms systems. Detailed descriptions, specifications and drawings of underwater weapons, weapons that use silent ammo, unknown families of SMGs, pistols and revolvers, tactical shotguns and grenade launchers as well as revolutionary new assault rifles, including the AN-94, heir apparent to the AK-47. Includes a comprehensive chapter on newly developed Russian ammunition as well. Hardbound, 160 pages, illus.
2J4993R New World of Russian S.A. $42.95

Kalashnikov Arms. You no longer have to order from Russia to get the most detailed book yet on the AK assault rifle series! Each page of this English language edition has a photo of one or two weapons, including many prototypes (like an AK with a 100 round box magazine...) that are virtually unknown outside Russia. Published for the 50th anniversary of the AK in 1997, this is the most detailed book on the subject ever. Hardbound, 241 pages, color photos.
7X1499R Kalashnikov Arms $49.95

Fireworks. A Gunsite Anthology by Jeff Cooper. Back in print! Jeff Cooper's name has come to mean shooting, wisdom and combat. Cooper's Fireworks is a collection of wild, hilarious, shocking and always meaningful tales from the remarkable life of an American firearms legend. Mount up and ride along with Cooper as he fights the Japanese in the Pacific, hunts giant Cape buffalo in Africa, recounts the exploits of such fighting men as Wild Bill Hickock and Medal of Honor winner Col. Herman Henry Hanneken and much more. Softbound, illus., 192 pp.
2J4996R Fireworks $27.00

Defensive Shooting For Real-Life Encounters. A Critical Look at Current Training Methods by Ralph Mroz. In this insightful analysis of shooting and fighting instruction, noted firearm expert Ralph Mroz examines the myths and misinformation that plague the gun community. From the five deadly training traps to unrealistic training exercises to concealed-carry mistakes, Mroz offers solutions to help defensive shooters snap out of their routines and become better and safer with their firearms. Mroz, whose articles have appeared in Combat Handguns and Guns magazines, takes a no-nonsense approach to such topics as the need for empty-hands skills, range training vs. real-world training, the problem of range standards, understanding and developing startle recovery, and more. Softbound, 152 pages, photos, illus.
2J0094R Defensive Shooting by Mroz $18.00

U.S. Infantry Weapons of the First World War by Bruce N. Canfield. The definitive study of the infantry weapons carried into combat by the Army and Marines, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, automatic rifles, flamethrowers, bayonets, knives, grenades. Special "collectors notes" in each chapter! Hardbound, 293 pages, hundreds of photos, 8.5" x 11".
7X1890R US Inf Wpns WWI $39.95

The Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Rifle Manual. Translation by MAJ James F. Gebhardt (Ret.) Enthusiasts of the venerable Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle, one of the most basic of the Russian and Soviet small arms, will find a wealth of information in the latest Soviet military manual translation by Maj. James F. Gebhardt. The manual, available in English for the first time, covers disassembly and assembly, cleaning and lubricating, and firing for zero at the specified zeroing range of 100 meters. Described in detail are all the steps, procedures and criteria that will ensure proper and safe function of the rifle or carbine. Also included are several data tables describing the ballistic performance of the 148-grain type-1908 projectile and the weight and length of the basic rifle and carbines in various configurations. For those interested in the sniper version of this rifle, an appendix describes both the PE and PU scopes. This is the ultimate source for Mosin-Nagant owners. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, illus., 112 pp
2J0081R Off. Mosin-Nagant Man $19.00

Boston's Gun Bible by Boston T. Party. 2003 follow-on to Boston on Guns & Courage is a massive resource. Adds a whopping 28 new chapters for an additional 500+ pages of material. Evaluates many pre- and postban models, and is that unique blend of technical savvy, tactical insights and street smart legal tips that will serve you well. Abundant RKBA/2nd Amendment writings and essays as well. Softbound, 726 pages.
2J6606R Boston's Gun Bible $28.00

The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper. The long awaited new book is here! Pick up a rifle you know how to use and you will, in the author's words, "change instantly from a subject to a citizen." Finding the subject "completely ignored since WWII", Cooper tells you everything you need to know to shoot a rifle for hunting, combat or targets. Hardbound, 104 pages, photos.
2J4931R The Art of the Rifle $29.95

The Complete M1 Garand. A Guide for the Shooter and Collector by Jim Thompson. The first self-loading rifle to see widespread military use, the robust M1 Garand survived the tests of battle in both World War II and Korea and remains a favorite among competition shooters and collectors to this day. This heavily illustrated, practical history tells the complete story of the rifle's development, look, feel and function. A thoroughly researched overview provides background on manufacturers and stateside sources as well as discussing ammunition and accuracy. Detailed photo sections present the early and WWII rifles; the WWII and postwar rebuilds; special purpose rifles and rarities, including the sniper rifles, the match rifles and the T26; and spin-offs and derivatives, including the M14, M1A and BM.59. For the shooter, reprinted military and National Match manuals, a troubleshooting chart and a section on reloading provide valuable functional data. Collectors will benefit from an extensive parts compendium and up-to-date market information. Softbound, 160 pages, photos, illus.
2J4984R The Complete M1 $25.00

The Belgian Rattlesnake by Wm. M. Easterly. Complete story ("Social and Technical Biography") of the Lewis Automatic Machine Gun and its inventor. The Lewis gun addressed the overheating problem by utilizing the free flow of air, reducing weight and bulk, and resulting in a practical and lightweight MG. While US Marines and "doughboys" were stuck with the French Chauchat, the Lewis Gun soon became a favorite with British and Canadian infantry and specialized "machine gun killer" teams. Aside from the western Allies, the Lewis served with Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Holland and Portugal. Two complete chapters on accessories, one for the ground Lewis, and one for the air service variations. Hard., 584 pages, 686 illustrations.
5J5236R The Belgian Rattlesnake $79.95

Machine Gun Buyers Guide and Owners Manual by Frank Iannamico. Complete guide to the buying, owning, storage and transportation of civilian machine guns. Guides you through the state-by-state variations in laws. Covers values/prices, types of MGs, buying/selling, legalities, etc. If you have a question on this subject, this 1996 book should answer it. Soft., 112 pages.
7D1834R MG Buyers Guide $14.95

The Gatling Gun by Joseph Berk. When the Gatling appeared in 1862, it was so advanced that the brass had no idea what to make of it. Now, well over a century later the Gatling continues its reign on the battlefield, decimating VC assaults in Vietnam and contributing to the victory in Kuwait. This is the complete story. 136 pages, softbound, photos
2J1644R Gatling Gun $29.95

Stoner 63 Weapons System. Reprint of the comprehensive users manual on this complete small arms system favored by the Navy and Marine Corps. Softbound, 34 pages.
2J4804R Stoner 63 Wpns System $9.95

Silencer History and Performance, Vol 1: Sporting and Tactical by Alan C. Paulson. Unprecedented look at the development of the latest silencers made by the world's top designers as well as an objective analysis of their capabilities. It reveals the proper methods for measuring suppressor performance, debunks misleading articles and unfounded claims made by previous writers, and provides authoritative details on the best pistol, rifle, carbine and machinegun silencers used by discriminating civilian gun owners, elite military units and secretive government agencies. Superior photos, many never before published, and clear illustrations highlight the text. Softbound, 424 pages, photos, illus.
2J4909R Silencer History $50.00

Handgun Stopping Power by Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow. Controversial 1992 study focuses on dramatic firsthand accounts of handgun rounds fired into criminals by cops and armed citizens. Provides accurate wound ballistics information that police and civilians can use to survive lethal confrontations. Combines case histories with test firings into 10% ordnance gelatin to predict the stopping power of any handgun load. 240 pages, hardbound.
2J4653R Handgun Stopping Power $45.00

Street Stoppers by Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow. The long awaited sequel to Handgun Stopping Power. Discusses the latest street results in all the major calibers, including the hot new .40 S&W, the controversial Strasbourg tests done on live goats, a powerful new formula to predict stopping power and a response to criticisms of the authors' first book. Softbound, 392 pages, illustrated.
2J0185R Street Stoppers $42.95

Stopping Power by Evan P. Marshall and Edwin J. Sanow. 2001 book is a practical analysis of the latest handgun ammunition. In the five years since their last book, Street Stoppers, many more shootings involving many new calibers and bullets have occurred. Latest information on results from the street on new calibers like the .357 SIG as well as newly developed loadings and bullets for older calibers. Fascinating and useful information. Softbound, 360 pages, 500+ photos.
2J0128R Stopping Power $49.95

Shoot to Kill by Charles W. Sasser, coauthor of One Shot-One Kill. Profiles of cops who have used deadly force in the line of duty. Softbound, 265 pages.
3H8929R Shoot to Kill $6.00

Police Rifles by Richard Fairburn. Selecting the right rifle for street patrol and special tactical situations. Covers the three major categories: patrol rifles, military rifles and sniper rifles. Analyzes common and little known weapons, calibers and performance maximizing tips. Softbound, 248 pages.
2J4799R Police Rifles $35.00

Lasers and Night Vision Devices by Duncan Long. Only book we have seen that examines the evolution of devices allowing weapons to be used in low light/no light conditions. From the torch to active and passive systems, radar, lasers, optics and more. Softbound, 150 pages, photos and illustrations.
3C4068R Lasers/Night Vision $29.95

War Baby by Larry L. Ruth. The most extensive and highest quality book ever on the U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine. From 1941 prototype through the six million rifles produced in WW2, this is the complete story of development and production of every Carbine model and variant. From the publisher of The Black Rifle and Backbone of the Wehrmacht. Hardbound, 512 pages, 398 illustrations
5J5117R War Baby $69.95

War Baby Comes Home by Larry Ruth. Companion volume to his massive, War Baby, history of the M1 Carbine. Covers use of the Carbine by friend and foe in the last 50 years, postwar developments, exhaustive listing of accessories, history and varieties of US military carbine ammunition and a presentation of other weapons, sporting and military, in .30 Carbine caliber. Hardbound, 386 pages, 414 illustrations.
5J5123R War Baby Comes Home $49.95

The L'il M1 (.30 Cal. Carbine) by Duncan Long. Interesting, useful information combines a history of the M1 Carbine with commercial variants, accessories, maintenance, use of the Carbine and Enforcer pistol. Softbound, 203 pages, illus.
C9164R The L'il M1 $14.95

Battlefield Analysis of Infantry Weapons by S.L.A. Marshall. Another of the justly famed studies done specifically for the military by America's leading military historian. This one is an in-depth comparison of the combat performance of some of the great and not so great small arms and crew served weapons used in the Korean War including the BAR, M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, pistol, grenades, quad .50's, rocket launchers, mortars, etc. Interesting and timeless study of the effects of weapons and communications failures, strain. A classic is back for your SLAM library! 103 pages, softbound
5C7510 Battlefield Analysis (not presently available)

Ordnance Went Up Front by Roy F. Dunlap. Available for the first time in 40 years, a classic originally produced by Samworth, publishers of A Rifleman Went to War and With British Snipers to the Reich. Dunlap was an experienced shooter and gunsmith when he joined the Ordnance Corps in 1942. These are the informed observations of an expert who studied and used the small arms of all the powers of WW2-American, British, Russian, German, Italian and Japanese. This books tells how they handle, shoot and function; their weak points and their strong ones; where they broke and how they could be fixed. Highly accurate and detailed practical and technical information on military small arms and ammunition. Hardbound, 330 pages, photos.
7D9927R Ordnance Went Up Front $34.95

The Fighting Garand Owner's Manual. Changes in the onerous 1968 GCA mean that the king of WWII battle rifles, the M1 Garand, is available to American shooters at a reasonable price again. You will need knowledge to make the most of your Garand and this book will guide you through inspection, disassembly, maintenance, repair historical background and more. 94 pages, illustrated, softbound
5C6612R Fighting Garand $13.95

The M1 Garand 1936-1957 by Joe Poyer and Craig Riesch. Very thorough examination of the M1 rifle, the "greatest battle implement" ever devised. Every part is described in terms of use, dimensions, markings, finish and changes by serial number range. There are 18 bolts, 23 operating rods, 25 follower rods, six front sights, 23 trigger housings, 10 stocks and 33 inspector's cartouches-do yours match up? Softbound, 216 pages.
7D6629R M1 Garand 1936-57 $19.95

Beretta 92F/M9. Detailed, well illustrated manual on this popular 9mm pistol which is now the choice of the armed forces as well as several large police agencies. Covers disassembly and reassembly, maintenance and inspection, trouble shooting and repair, special tools and equipment, complete parts list and more. 72 pages, softbound, illustrated
5C7129R Beretta 92F $11.95

Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights by Jim Cirillo. The author is truly one of the great street cops of all times, attaining near legendary status with the (now defunct and very politically incorrect) NYPD Stakeout Squad. Here is first person instruction on handling both stress and guns, which bullets are most effective, guidelines to effective training and a number of gripping (and humorous) "war stories." Softbound, 136 pages, photos.
2J4877R Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights $16.00

Click here for Jim Cirillo training video

The Shotgun in Combat by Tony Lesce. Law officers and military tacticians agree that one weapon is superior to all others in close-combat situations: the shotgun. Civilians wishing to use their guns in the most efficient possible way will find much of use here including combat loads, concealment, preparation and use of the shotgun in combat, home defense, night use, police use, etc. 152 pages, softbound, photos, illustrated
2J4314R The Shotgun in Combat $14.00

The Defensive Shotgun by Louis Awerbuck, former chief rangemaster at Jeff Cooper's API. Excellent discussion of shotguns, their ammunition, capabilities and limitations, shooting, tactics, slings, multiple targets, one handed operation, etc. 78 pages, softbound, extensively illustrated
5C7412R The Defensive Shotgun $12.95

Remington 1100 Exotic Weapons System by J.M. Ramos. Available again! For certain kinds of combat, the fighting shotgun is the weapon of choice. This book details the construction of the ultimate fighting shotgun, a ten shot, full auto, low recoil system equal in combat power to several SMGs. Includes plans and machinist's drawings. Softbound, 88 pages, illustrated.
2J4262R Rem. 1100 Exotic $20.95

Weapons Tests and Evaluations. The Best of Soldier Of Fortune by Peter G. Kokalis. Kokalis, has traveled the globe for 20 years risking enemy fire from the jungles of El Salvador to the deserts of Africa to bring more exclusives to readers of SOF magazine than any other writer on small arms. Comprehensive anthology of Kokalis' best articles from SOF and Fighting Firearms magazines, with authoritative reviews and detailed information on dozens of handguns, rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, and shotguns. You'll also travel with him as he trains El Salvador's Atlacatl Battalion, visits the cagey gun dealers of Afghanistan to test the elusive Soviet AGS-17, and goes where no Western writer has gone before for his groundbreaking eight-part series examining the weapons of the Chinese army. Softbound, 416 pages, photos.
2J0122R Kokalis: Weapon Tests $45.00

Stressfire II by Massad Ayoob. Second volume in the series on advanced tactics and techniques for police gunfighting covers the combat shotgun. Detailed, extensively photo illustrated information on ballistics, tactics, functioning, shooting, loading, etc. Soft., 200 pages
7K7911R Stressfire II $12.00

.303 No. 4 (T) Sniper Rifle by Peter Laidler with Ian Skennerton. Technical, highly detailed study of the sniper rifle that served with British combat units for over 50 years. Includes armorer inside tips on maximizing the accuracy potential of these rifles. Hard., 126 pages, photos.
5F7144R No. 4 (T) Sniper Rifle $29.95

The FAL Rifle. The classic edition by R. Blake Stevens. Now, all three volumes of this great series (North American FALs/UK & Commonwealth FALs/The Metric FAL) together in one huge volume. Large format, hardbound, 848 pages, 844 illustrations.
5J5168R The FAL Rifle $129.95

FN-FAL Auto Rifles. If you own a FAL, you'll make good use of this well illustrated, complete manual. Softbound, 130 pages, illustrated.
5C7945R FAL Manual $13.95

Small Arms Identification Series. All by Ian Skennerton. Series on British arms that is like an owner's manual for the weapon described. Each volume has 48 pages and has over 60 illustrations and assembly drawings. Softbound, large format.
7X8100R .303 Rifle No. 1 S.M.L.E. $9.95
7X8101R.303 Rifle No. 4 $9.95
7X8102R.303 Rifle No. 5 Mk 1 (Jungle Carbine) $9.95
7X8103R .303 Bren LMG $9.95
7X8104R .303 Vickers MG Mk I $9.95

The Lee-Enfield Story by Ian Skennerton. The detailed history of the Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield and No. 4 series rifles and carbines, 1880 to the present. This is the revised and updated 2007 follow-on to The British Service Lee. Covers all models, British, North American, Australian and Indian production, accessories, markings, etc. Hardbound, 503 pages, heavily illustrated.
5F4915R The Lee-Enfield Story $89.95

British Service Rifles and Carbines by Alan M. Petrillo. Review of the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield rifles and carbines, 1888-1900. 60 photos illustrate all models of these first British box magazine arms. Includes models which were later modernized. Soft., 72 pages.
7D7705R Brit. Service Rifles $11.95

Martini-Henry .450 Rifles & Carbines by Dennis Lewis. Become an instant expert on the rifles that conquered the Zulus! 1996 book has numerous photos of the rifles, bayonets, accessories and ammunition. Softbound, 70 pages.
7D7712R Martini-Henry $11.95

British .22 Training Rifles by D. Lewis and R. Washburn. Brief history with many photos of the Short .22s, Long .22s, commercial models, Pattern 1914 and 1918 trainers, the No.2MkIV*, the Number 7, Number 8 and Number 9 rifles, plus the Parker Hiscock magazine and 10A sight. Softbound, 64 pages
7D4339R Brit. .22 Training Rifles $10.95

The Lee Enfield Number 1 Rifles by Alan M. Petrillo. Story of the British soldier's rifle in W.W. One, the No. 1 SMLE, Short Magazine Lee Enfield. Numerous photos, illustrations, includes information on each Mark as well as conversions. Softbound, 64 pages
7D7701R L.E. Number 1 Rifle $10.95

The Lee Enfield Number 4 Rifles by Alan M. Petrillo. Primer on the Ultimate Lee Enfield Rifle from trials in 1931 through final marks and models. Covers accessories, bayonets, No. 4 Mark 1 (T) sniping manual, etc. Softbound, 64 pages, illus.
7D7700R L.E. Number 4 Rifles $10.95

The Number 5 Jungle Carbine by Alan M. Petrillo. Brief but comprehensive treatment of this rifle both Mark 1 and the never produced Mark 2. General history, story of the infamous "wandering zero", etc. Softbound, 32 pages.
7D7708R No. 5 Jungle Carbine $7.95

Browning Hi-Power Pistols. The M1935 Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol is one of the best ever made and a long time favorite of some of the world's top special units. This manual will show you everything you need to know about maintenance, disassembly, repair, zero, etc. Softbound, 47 pages.
5C7945R Hi-Power Manual $9.95

Backbone of the Wehrmacht by Richard D. Law, ed. by R. Blake Stevens. Revised edition of the first in-depth study of the most produced bolt action rifle in history, the German K98k. Over 14 million K98ks were produced during 1934-45 in over 100 different code and date variations. This big book gives the historical background to the K98k as well as official procedures for manufacture, fitting and inspection for every major component. Gives K98k production by code and year, includes every significant marking on every production K98k. Exhaustive data on production quantities, times, personnel and costs. Has separate chapters on sniper versions, contract K98ks, special purpose K98ks and illustrations of virtually every K98k variation and accessory ever issued. 400+ pages, hardbound, 400+ illustrations
5J5102R Backbone of the Wehrmacht $69.95

Sniper Variations of the German K98K Rifle by Richard D. Law. The long awaited second volume to Backbone of the Wehrmacht! In-depth account of the telescope sighted K98k, the specialist weapon of choice for most German snipers during WW2. Extensive new information on the development of these rifles and the three types of scopes (ZF 39, ZF 41 and ZF 4) and mounts used with them. Hardbound, 240 pages, 291 illustrations.
5J5222R Sniper Variations of 98K $47.50

German Machineguns by Daniel D. Musgrave. This long O/P book commanded prices of $100+ when available. Now there is a revised edition on the market! Combines extensive text with crystal clear photos and drawings to tell the whole story of from Maxim to HK. Hardbound, 586 pages, 650 illustrations.
5Q5406R German MGs $49.95

German Infantry Weapons, Vol. 1. Heavily illustrated Army manual guiding WW2 G.I.'s to the pistols, SMGs, MGs, rifles and heavier weapons of the Wehrmacht. Detailed descriptions and operating instructions on over 20 weapons from the Luger to the 150mm heavy infantry howitzer. Softbound, 190 pages, over 100 illus.
5C2185R Ger. Inf Weapons, Vol. 1 $14.95

German MP-40 SMG. Return of this hard-to-find fully illustrated manual on this famous WW2 submachinegun! Everything on functioning, maintenance and use in a concise package. Softbound, 32 pages.
5C4857R German MP-40 SMG $16.95

Honour Bound -The Chauchat Machine Rifle by Demaison and Buffetaut. Much maligned today, the infamous Chauchat was still the most manufactured automatic weapon of WWI! Likewise, it was in many respects ahead of its time with a pistol grip, large capacity magazine, selector switch and bipod. Here is the full story. Hardbound, 227 pages, 244 illustrations.
5J5190 Honour Bound $39.95

Proud Promise by Jean Huron. History of French autoloading rifles 1898-1979. Little is known about the importance of French contributions to modern arms design, including many "world firsts" in wide use today. Hard., 216 pages, 298 illus.
5J5186R Proud Promise $39.95

The '03 Era by Clark S. Campbell. When smokeless revolutionized U.S. riflery. Much expanded version of Campbell's earlier works representing forty years of research into "all things '03". The reference on the famous Springfield '03. Hardbound, 334 pages, 146 illus.
5J5181R The '03 Era $44.50

HK Assault Rifle Systems by Duncan Long. Heavily illustrated guide to the G3 rifle and its spinoffs such as the HK-91/93/84, SR-9, SAR-3/8, SP-89, etc. Includes coverage of the machinegun and submachinegun versions as well as a wide range of aftermarket accessories. You'll find new information and many great photos on this family of weapons which is a favorite of the world's elite and counterterrorist forces. Softbound, 128 pp.
5C8644R HK Assault Rifle Systems $27.95

US Rifle M14 by R. Blake Stevens. Revised edition of the complete history of the last wood and metal battle rifle issued to US troops. Begins with the M1 Garand and covers all modifications leading to the adoption of the M14 in 1957. This new edition contains much added material on the Advanced Marksmanship Training Unit (AMTU) modifications to the M14 which allow it to soldier on as the deadly M21 sniper rifle. 352 pp, 246 illustrations, hardbound
5J5110R US Rifle M14 $47.95

M14/M14A1 Rifles & Rifle Marksmanship. Manual has a detailed description of these rifles and characteristics, assembly/disassembly, maintenance, operation, ammunition, field firing and more. Softbound, 236 pages, illus.
5C8090R M14/M14A1 Rifles $19.95

The M16A1 Rifle. Operation and Preventive Maintenance. This is the famous "comic book" manual on the M16 rifle. Prepared by the Army during the Vietnam War, it is 32 pages of beautifully illustrated information (by Will Eisner) on how to keep your AR-15 or M16 firing under the worst conditions. Whatever your questions on cleaning, lubrication or operation, you'll quickly find the answers here. 5x7'', 32 pages
3C1601R M16A1 Rifle $6.95

The Black Rifle. M16 Retrospective by R. Blake Stevens and Edward C. Ezell. Not just the complete M16 history by two of the most knowledgeable authorities, but a full account of its predecessors, contemporaries and offshoots. The story of the problems, the improvement programs, latest M16A2 models and future developments such as the caseless cartridge and flechette firing weapons. No question, this is THE book on the M16! 416 pages, 441 illustrations, hardbound.
5J5042R Black Rifle $59.95

The AR-15/M16, A Practical Guide by Duncan Long. Now, the definitive guide to the current and future U.S. military rifle. Covers a wide range of accessories, full auto conversion, suppliers, combat use, cleaning and lubrication, assembly and disassembly, grenade launchers and more. Make the most of your rifle with this comprehensive guide. 168 pages, well illustrated, softbound
2J4321R AR-15/M16 Practical Guide $22.00

Official 9mm Makarov Pistol Manual. The complete Soviet Makarov FM translated into English. 84 pages, soft., illustrated.
5C7446R Makarov Pistol $12.95

AK-47 by Duncan Long. Covers the entire Kalashnikov family - usage, field stripping, troubleshooting, specifications, ammo and accessories for the AK and related weapons - Galil, etc. 192 pp, softbound
2J4477R AK-47 by Long $20.00

The AK-47 Assault Rifle. Complete practical and technical information on the most widely distributed weapon in the world. Information on variants, parts, assembly, functioning, inspection, use and handling, ammunition, etc. Over 150 pages and more than 100 illustrations make this a valuable addition to your library.
5C7135R AK-47 $15.95

The SKS Type 45 Carbines by Duncan Long. These highly serviceable rifles are now available to the gun buying public at rock bottom prices. If you own one, or would like to, here's a valuable history of the SKS (from dozens of battlefields to the Kremlin Guards) combined with the practical aspects of operating, maintaining and modifying your rifle. Softbound, 128 pages, illustrated.
5C3482R The SKS Type 45 Carbines $16.95

HK's Handguns by Duncan Long. History of Heckler and Koch from the end of WWII to the present. Shows the history and evolution of each pistol model. Includes a thorough discussion of HK and aftermarket accessories. Softbound, 142 pages, illus.
5C9263R HK's Handguns $18.95

Glock's Handguns by Duncan Long. The history of one of the most successful handguns of recent years is revealed along with information on maintenance, sighting devices and accessories. Softbound, 179 pages, illus.
5C9262R Glock's Handguns $18.95

Glock. New wave in combat handguns by Peter Alan Kasler. For the past ten years, the Glock series has been one of the most controversial and talked-about firearms in recent memory. Kasler debunks the myths and gives very thorough coverage of the operation and functioning of the series. Hardbound, 304 pages, illus.
2J4649R Glock $27.00

Military Rifle and Machinegun Cartridges by Jean Huon. Latest reference on the subject - over 1,000 illustrations! From 4.5mm to 18mm, Enfield, Mauser and Kalashnikov, and from .17 to .60, Remington, Winchester and Martini, this directory of the world's military rifle and MG rounds provides vital data in a single-source reference volume for firearms users, manufacturers, dealers, collectors. 380 pages, hardbound
5Q5405R Mil. Rifle & MG Cartridges $34.95

Survival Guns by Mel Tappan. First appearing in the 1970s, this long out-of-print book remains one of the best written and most informative general firearms references ever published. Intelligent, detailed discussion of rifles, pistols, shotguns, air guns, ammunition, accessories, etc., etc. Softbound, 456 pages.
5C5582R Survival Guns $21.95

Hit or Myth by Louis Awerbuck, author of The Defensive Shotgun. An analysis of practical range training for street preparedness. Covers targets, sequence of fire, low light training, hostage situations, shooting on the move, etc. Gives the rationale behind and practical construction tips for realistic training exercises on the range.
1W0001R Hit or Myth $11.95

The Colt .45 Auto Pistol. Covers nearly every facet of this legendary autopistol. From mechanical training, manual of arms, repair and replacement of parts, marksmanship training, disassembly, detailed inspection to drawings on the construction of repair tools and fixtures, this book has it all on the Colt. 45 Auto. Over 100 pages and 80 clear photos make this book a must for any gunsmith or pistol owner.
5C7128R .45 Auto $11.95

Sig/Sauer Handguns by Duncan Long. First book on these high quality firearms. Covers both the history and the Sig, Sig/Sauer and Sig-Hammerli variations. Softbound, 150 pages, illus.
5C9096 Sig/Sauer Handguns $16.95

Gunshot Injuries by Louis A. La Garde, M.D. With a major 1991 introduction by Martin L. Fackler, M.D. This standard and seminal work on wound ballistics is available again for the first time in 75 years. This is a reprint of the second (1916) edition which added much new wound and medical information gained during the opening years of WW One. La Garde is perhaps best known for his involvement with the Thompson-La Garde report on handgun stopping power. That report is summarized in this book in a clearer method than the original document. All shooters will be especially fascinated by the second chapter, 80 pages on such topics as "The dumdum bullet controversy in present European War" and "The stopping power or shock effect of bullets from rifles, pistols and revolvers". 480 pages, hardbound 112 illustrations
3C5612R Gunshot Injuries Regret presently O/P

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms by Bill Holmes. 50 years of experience went into this book, the nearest thing to apprenticing for a master gunsmith. Learn how to make actions, stocks, sights, barrels, etc. from scratch. Softbound, photos, illus., 192 pages
2J6284R Home Workshop Prototype $24.95

Guns of the Elite, 2nd Ed. by George Markham. 1995 revised edition of this excellent pictorial on the world's Special Forces firearms from 1940 to the present. Detailed text and diagrams. Softbound, 176 pages, 250 illus.
1B9382R Guns of the Elite $22.95

Boobytraps (FM 5-13). A treasure trove of information for the professional soldier or police demo specialist. Covers Soviet, Japanese, German, British, Chinese, Korean and U.S. boobytrap methods, materials, devices and standard ammo items, improvisations, installation, detection and removal. Specific and practical - best nonclassified handbook on the subject. References, glossary
of terms, index. 133 pages, softbound
2J3982R Boobytraps $8.95

Black Books. Originally prepared for the CIA and Special Forces, these are the most detailed and comprehensive works ever done on improvised weapons. Guaranteed to be the original and complete books (not an abridged or condensed version). Encyclopedic in scope - and definitely not to be found at the corner bookstore! In three incredible volumes:
5C7204R Black Book Vol. 1 $14.95
5C7205R Black Book Vol. 2 $14.95
5C7207R Black Book Vol. 3 $23.95

Special offer! All three Black Books for $47.00
5C6593R Set, Black Books 1/2/3 $47.00