Lancer's Links

Love 'em or hate 'em, but take a look...

James' French Foreign Legion Military and Law Enforcement Links. As described, strong collection of links, US and worldwide, but especially for France and the Foreign Legion

Aubagne: Visiting the Foreign Legion museum in France? The town of Aubagne (near Marseille) has a site with visitor information.

Foreign Legion page from the French Embassy

Foreign Legion history page from France - Extensive, unit by unit, campaign by campaign. Outstanding!

Official Navy SEALs site. Great looking SEAL page. - great information on units, operations, equipment, etc.

Realwarstories: World's military e-book marketplace. Best military fiction and nonfiction on the Web.

Intelligence/Counterintelligence: Numerous links to agencies, vendors, sources of information

O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt: Carjacking? No problem! Not when you lay out the big bucks for one of their armored cars. Six levels of protection in a wide variety of vehicles from the people who have provided the U.S. Presidential limo for over 50 years. - British Regimental art including the SAS - collection of SAS related links

Cutler's Cove. Since 1991 our friend Byron Rogers has specialized in vintage knives, and hard to find pocket knives, folders, and fixed blades.

C-J Enterprises: Milspec leather flying jackets and, harder to find, best quality custom artwork to go on them. Located outside of Houston, they do art for WW2 style bomber jackets, military units, bikes, etc. and it leaves nothing to be desired.

Dossier: Declassified and FOIA documents on foreign and domestic covert ops and X-Files type stuff. Up-to-date information on concealed carry (CCW) laws and State reciprocity agreements.

Randall Knives - Factory site from this historic maker

German WWII Ordnance Codes: During WWII, Germany used alphabetic and numeric codes to disguise the names of manufacturers of war materials. Say that pair of war trophy binoculars is marked "blc", with this online index you'll be able to find out that they were made by Zeiss.

Ajax: Links to US and foreign governmental intelligence, military and regulatory agencies.

NAIS Private Investigator's Link List: Another motherlode of databases on finding people (and finding out about them...)

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries: The thoughts of warrior/philosopher "Chairman Jeff" online and up-to-the-minute. The Guns & Ammo column is just the tip of the iceberg; these are the complete writings.

Quoth the Raven - 17 Points to Ponder. Quotes, short poems and thoughts that Jeff Cooper collected from others as an inspiration and guide to life.

Sniper Country: Extensive information on sniping, many links for related subjects

Defenselink: The DOD's web page will lead you to the individual armed services

Center of Military History: US Army site with many links, all MOH citations, etc.

WW2 Books: Lance has an amazing depth of stock on Germany and the Axis nations.

Delta Press: The World's Most Outrageous Catalog (Paul Harvey thought so, too)

NIC, Inc.: Unusual ID's, badges, law enforcement supplies, espionage stuff

Shooters': Page has many, many firearms and shooting related links and databases.

Townhall: Umbrella page for conservative pubs. and organizations. Updated constantly.

Book Repair: Books are fragile. Here's a master list of Web resources for book maintenance and repair.

Travel Advisories: Going overseas? The State Department maintains a country-by-country guide on things you need to know before you leave.

Embassies: Searchable database of all the world's embassies

Escape Artist: Thinking of living or working overseas? offers a worldwide database of information and opportunities.

Contacting the Congress: Everything there is to know about who's there and how to reach them

IPL Reading Room: Index to online newspapers across the U.S. and the world

Library of Congress: A great starting point for many types of research projects

Consumer Resources: Hundreds of links to highly informative sites on all kinds of buying, medical and legal resources, directories.