Military Collectibles


New! Like things Scottish? You'll love this Black Watch World Tour T-shirt. Heavy black cotton shirt with white printing. Front has the Regimental badge and wording "The Black Watch' and 'Royal Highland Regiment'. Back has Black Watch World Tour listing with a number of the battle honors earned by the old 42nd from the 18th Century through the 2003 Iraq campaign. You may choose from sizes Large - XL $14.95 Size XXL.$16.95

Just for fun, CIA Worldwide Parking Permit sticker $1.00

Swiss deployment bag, rubber coated nylon, about 10x6x4", OD, canvas shoulder strap. Dozens of uses, great piece of gear, $8.95

Israeli khaki canvas mag (Sten/FAL, etc) pouch, works for other gear, too. $2.50

US Marine Sniper ID. Pocket sized card is blank - you supply the information and picture. Complete with laminated cover and simple instructions. $4.95

US Army Sniper ID. Pocket sized card is blank - you supply the information and picture. Complete with laminated cover and simple instructions. $4.95

Concealed Weapons Badge. Over 30 States now have non-discretionary CCW laws. Professional quality CCW badge comes with US type enamel center. $24.95

If you prefer, add $6.00 to your order and we can supply a badge center for your particular State along with simple instructions for affixing same.

Original, American made police blackjack. Heavy, leather covered with thumb/wrist strap. The real deal, not for sale in California. $49.95 (when available - often sold out, we sometimes have 'seconds')

Soviet pocket flask. Really neat item! 5" screwcap flask with heavy nickel finish, red star with gold wreath device attached. With the proper filling, can even keep you warm in Siberia! $15.00

Reprint of P-51 Mustang Pilot's checklist. 5x8", two sided, printed on card stock, $4.00

Vietnam Death Cards. Click here to see this sinister souvenir...

Military 100% wool pullover crewneck sweaters. Compare at $50.00 or more. We have overstocks in certain sizes and colors that are priced to sell:
OD green (Army)
Size 36 $21.95
Blue/gray (RAF) sweaters
Size 34 $19.95
Size 38 $24.95

British camo sweaters (polyester/wool blend) Size Medium $22.95

Woodland Camo Jungle Hat. Stitched brim, 4 screen vents, chin straps, size 7 1/2 $10.95

East German gray pile winter caps with metal badge. Metric sizes 55-56-57 $7.95

British tan shoulder bag. Divided into 5 compartments (grenades?), padded bottom, new $3.95

Vintage G.I. water purification tablets (bottle 50) $2.50

Chinese AK/SKS cleaning kits. Oily, but in mint condition $3.25

British original issue OD jungle hats. New but VERY small (about 6 1/2), $6

M43 type camo cap in tiger stripe material. Size 57, $19.00

US boonie hat, camo, new, size 7 1/2 $10.00

Jordache Tuffy sport watch, quartz, alarm, chronograph, rated for 200m pressure $14.00

Air America aluminum license plate $7.00

West German Army canteen with cup, $8.00

Commercial Tiger Stripe camo pants. Large sizes, 100% cotton, new condition.
Size 42x32 $17.00

Boot zippers, 9 eyelet type, new $6.00

World's most gloriously tasteless T-shirt dedicated to the most accurate, fastest firing rifle in the world...The Mannlicher-Carcano. Yellow on blue, sizes M-L-XL, $12.00

Rhodesian wall hanger. Original, leather strip with plaques for the six operational areas - Splinter, Tangent, Repulse, Hurricane, etc
Plaques are enamelled copper, a B&W scan of "Op Hurricane" is here

Reprint poster for Nazi 1933 Nuremberg rally $6.00

Security Ties. Here's an effective way to detect tampering and theft or, better still, deter it entirely. These ties were developed for the security industry. Once put on, they are highly tamper resistant and must be cut off. Even a sneaky thief will have a hard time matching the red color and brand at a hardware store. Dirt cheap security for lockers, toolboxes, firearms, gates, storage rooms, luggage, etc. Use your imagination! Nylon ties are 8" in length, have 50 Ib. pull strength
3C0032E 12 Security Ties $1.95
3C0033E 25 Security Ties $3.50

East German Army (NVA) steel helmet. New condition, our choice of size. $14.95

Battle Jump Jacket. Return of a battlefield classic - an accurate recreation of the original U.S. airborne jacket designed by Jumpmaster Capt. Bill Yarborough. Meticulously crafted to original War Department specifications and constructed of prewashed 100% cotton khaki, the Jump Jacket captures the spirit and romance of the WWII era. Has 4 double snap bellow pockets for equipment storage, waist belt for sure fit and adjustment snaps on cuffs and collar. Size small only (34-36)$75.00

East German AK-47/AKM 7.62 Mag Pouch. 4 pockets, rain pattern camo. An ideal mag carrier at a cheap price. Near new condition. $5.95

Get Out of Jail Free Card. Accurate replica of the MACV-SOG operator ID. "Do not detain or question (the bearer of the pass). He is authorized to wear civilian clothing, carry unusual personal weapons, transport and possess prohibited items...", etc., Vinyl folder with two cards, also envelope with history sheet. $5.00

Dust off your turntables, we've got some brand new, mint condition LPs on hand:
Vietnam (documentary) $8.00
Songs of the Steppes by the Soviet Army Chorus and Band $8.00
iedler's Favorite Marches by the Boston Pops, 2 LP set $12.00
Coldstream Guards/Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (1981 tour) $9.00
The Sands of Time by the Black Watch $7.00
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1982 $9.00
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1983 $9.00
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1985 $9.00