Victory of Faith DVD and VHS. Suppressed by the Nazi Party and onsidered lost for nearly seventy years, Leni Riefenstahl's Victory of Faith, is again available to viewing audiences. A key work in the evolution of Nazi propaganda, Victory of Faith provides an ambitious record of the 1933 Nazi Party rally at Nuremberg. Released in early 1934, the film was enthusiastically promoted by the Nazi Party as a masterful promotional tool in presenting itself to the German people. Later that same year, however, Hitler oversaw a bloody purge of many of his "old comrades," notably the Brownshirt leader Ernst Röhm, whose leading role at the 1933 rally ­ second only to Hitler ­ figures prominently in Riefenstahl's film. Overnight, Röhm became persona non grata, and all references to him were obliterated from the public record. As a result, the thousands of prints of Victory of Faith in circulation across Germany were tracked down and destroyed.

Until now: a copy of Victory of Faith, lying unnoticed in Great Britain since Riefenstahl visited there in early 1934, has surfaced, providing what appears to be a complete version. Though far from a masterwork, the film is a revelation on many counts, offering a fascinating first draft of the ideas and techniques Riefenstahl would pull off so powerfully in Triumph of the Will. In their contrasts, the two films shed much light on the early evolution of Nazi propaganda: its evocation of heroism and collective will, its portrayal of the "national people's community," its depiction of Hitler most of all. Where Triumph of the Will showed Hitler as supreme symbol and absolute master of the movement, the Hitler of Victory of Faith is still first among equals, a man with an unruly forelock, a presence not yet wholly in command.

Moreover, Victory of Faith provides a revealing look at the Nazi movement in the first blush of its 1933 triumphs. Here, the movement still bears the marks of its street-fighter origins; its rituals are often raw, lacking the orchestrated precision and theatrical grandeur we associate with later Nazi stagecraft. In these and other ways, Victory of Faith fills a gap in our understanding of the Third Reich, capturing the Hitler state at a pivotal stage in its early development. For students of film, the aesthetics of power, and the Third Reich, this is essential viewing. Germany, 1934, B&W, 70 minutes, German with English subtitles.BONUS MATERIAL: Includes short documentary film by Fritz Hippler: "Wort Und Tat"
NTSC Region 0 encoding (Compatible with all DVD players Worldwide)
Victory of Faith (Sieg Des Glaubens)(Leni Riefenstahl, 1934) DVD (or VHS) $39.95

Video - The Story of the SAS. Video history of the 22nd SAS Regiment, world's most renowned military unit, from the early days in the North African desert through combat in Asian jungles, African mountains and the heart of London. Includes previously unseen footage and interviews. VHS, 65 minutes. (delayed at present - late release by importer)
7X1895V Video - Story of SAS $24.95

Video - SAS Weapons and Training. Video account is a first hand look at SAS weapons handling and close quarter battle techniques. Includes unarmed combat as well, plus bodyguarding, demo and anti-terrorist procedures. VHS, 60 minutes.
7X2254V Video - SAS Wpns/Tng $24.95

Video - SAS Escape Evasion Survival. Video presented by Barry Davies, BEM (see his Encyclopedia of Survival elsewhere in the catalog). Video uses the "Bravo 20" scenario to drive home the SERE training lessons. A four man patrol is compromised, fights effectively but ultimately is captured and the men tortured. But one man escapes...VHS, 60 minutes.
7X2254V Video - SAS Survival E&E $24.95

Behind the Balaclava. Using recently declassified original military training films, double video examines the tactics and strategies, equipment, training, weapons and personnel of top counterterrorist units. Fascinating interviews, a KGB training video on aircraft takedown and much more. 148 minutes. VHS $24.95

Siegebusters. Video profile of the successes and failures of top counterterror units in locales as diverse as Munich, London and Marseilles. Includes reconstructions, newsreel analysis, interviews and more. 50 minutes. VHS $24.95

Bodyguards - The Real Life. Regional increases in political violence and kidnappings have led to an increased demand for trained bodyguards able to reduce the risk factor. Profiles the six basic functions of Escort, Protective Driving, Improvised Explosive Devices, Electronic Countersurveillance, Paramedicine and Close Quarter Combat. Includes analysis of films of attacks on targets as diverse as The Pope and Lee Harvey Oswald. 58 minutes. VHS $24.95

SAS Survival Guide. SAS vets including "Andy McNab" and Det operator "Sarah Ford" pass along the tricks of the trade that can be lifesavers in environments from Borneo to Belfast, jungle to city streets. 55 minutes. VHS $24.95

Gunsite Tactical Pistol 1 The Gunsite name is synonomous with cutting edge, state-of-the-art training tactical weapons training. This first video in a series presents handgun self defense using Gunsite's training methods. Includes every aspect of combat handgunning; deployment, marksmanship, immediate action drills and tactical target engagement. Also has instruction in proper dry-firing practice techniques and tactical exercises. Color, approx. 50 minutes., VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J2193V Gunsite Tactical Pistol 1 $29.95

Gunsite Tactical Concealed Carry 1. Whether you are a police officer on plainclothes duty or undercover assignment, or a civilian with CCW, this video is for you. Advantages and limitations of various carry methods including holsters, handbags, fanny packs and briefcases. Professional instructors explain and demonstrate equipment selection, deployment, safety and tactics. Color, approx. 50 minutes, VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J2195V Gunsite Conceal Carry $29.95

Gunsite Tactical Carbine I. Video shows how to exploit the capabilities of the accuracy, firepower and terminal ballistics of the intermediate power rifle. Gunhandling, marksmanship, reloading, carry modes and tactical target engagement. VHS, 50 minutes.
2J4935V Gunsite Tac Carbine vid $29.95

Gunsite Tactical Edged Weapons I. New video teaches the selection, grips, cutting techniques, defensive postures, mobility and targeting. The knife is a devastating close quarters offensive and defensive weapon. This video shows the techniques and tactics needed for maximum effectiveness. VHS, 35 minutes.
2J4275V Gunsite Tac Edged Wpns $29.95

Gunsite Tactical Shotgun I. Critical elements of defensive shotgun use including gunhandling, shooting stance, reloading, tactical movement and tactical target engagement. Dispels many of the myths surrrounding the combat shotgun and demonstrates the importance of patterning and ammunition selection. Color, approx. 55 minutes, VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J2194V Gunsite Tactical Shotgun 1 $29.95

Advanced Fighting With Firearms. A new video from Andy Stanford (see also his new book, Fight at Night, elsewhere in the catalog), Concepts, skills and tactics for the advanced combat shooter. Covers unusual tactics and situations including weapons retention and transition, use of firearms as impact weapons, vehicle defense, shooting on the move and detailed instruction on the Dynamic Isosceles shooting technique. VHS, color, 75 minutes.
2J0038V Adv. Fighting Firearms Video $39.95

Jim Cirillo: Modern-Day Gunfighter. In his book Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights, NYPD Stakeout Squad legend Jim Cirillo revealed the hard won knowledge gained in a dozen shootouts with New York's most dangerous criminals. Now, he doesn't just tell you, he shows you in this 90 minute color video instructional tape. Great mix of tactics and personal observations. VHS. 2J3895V Cirillo Video $34.95

Secrets of a Master Gunfighter. Cirillo's second guide to combat shooting and gunfight survival. Reveals additional tricks of gunfight survival and unique insights into gunfight tactics, use of cover, low-light shooting techniques, concealed carry methods, the combat drawstroke and more. VHS, 90 minutes.
2J4722V Cirillo Video 2 $39.95

AR-15/M16: America's Assault Rifle with Clark E. Hodges. If you own an AR-15, M16 or any variation of these designs, you need this video. Simply put, this is the most complete and authoritative film ever produced on the AR-15/M16 family of weapons. Firearms expert Clark E. Hodges covers every aspect of this popular weapons system, including the complete history of its original design, its adoption by the U.S. military, its troubled service in Vietnam and its subsequent evolution into America's battle rifle of choice. Through the use of factory cutaways and computer graphics, Hodges gives you a guided tour of the inner workings of the AR-15/M16 and provides detailed instruction in its operation, loading, firing, disassembly and reassembly. He also gives you a rare look at seldom-seen AR-15/M16 prototypes and variants, including the M16/M203 grenade launcher combination. This video is an invaluable reference for collectors and historians and must viewing for all AR-15/M16 owners and enthusiasts. Color, approx. 65 minutes., VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J4951V AR-15/M16 Video $29.95

Avtomat Kalashnikova. The AK-47/AKM Assault Rifles. The AK-47 is one of the most widely recognized and issued weapons in the world. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the most influential firearm designs ever produced. A tool of revolution as well as tyranny, the AK has spawned more variants and inspired more designs than virtually any other firearm. In this video, firearms expert Clark E. Hodges tells the complete AK-47 story as it has never been told before. Using rare collectors' pieces and seldom-seen prototype guns, Hodges traces the history of the AK-47 from its origins in World War II to today's breed of state-of-the-art AK variants. Along the way, he takes a critical look at other firearms and historical events that influenced Mikhail Kalashnikov's design. In addition to explaining the subtle differences between the military and civilian versions of the many AK designs, Hodges also provides step-by-step instruction in their operation, loading, firing, disassembly and reassembly. This video is the definitive reference work on the AK-47 family of weapons and an invaluable resource for historians, collectors and gun buffs. Color, approx. 65 minutes., VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J4952V AK-47 Video $29.95

Building The Ultimate Tactical Shotgun. A Complete Guide to Shotgun Accessories and Special Purpose Ammunition with Doug Lamb. In a typical gunfight or home defense situation, the only thing better than having a shotgun is having a shotgun equipped with the best tactical accessories and ammunition for the job at hand. Unfortunately, many accessories being sold in catalogs and at gun shows do nothing to enhance the performance of a defensive shotgun and can actually be a liability in a gunfight. In this Paladin video production, shotgun expert Doug Lamb helps you separate the gems from the junk of shotgun accessories by giving you a firsthand look at what's available. Lamb examines the entire spectrum of aftermarket products, including magazine extensions, stocks, chokes, sights, spare ammunition carriers and weapon mounted flashlights. He then discusses the wide range of standard and special purpose shotgun ammunition available and gives graphic demonstrations of its effectiveness and penetration through interior walls, automobile bodies and windshield glass. Before you spend another dime on your shotgun, you need to see this video. Color, approx. 80 minutes., VHS (U.S. format) only.
2J4950V Building Ult. Tac. Shotgun $29.95

Advanced Ultimate Sniper. John Plaster's (author of SOG and The Ultimate Sniper) new video features state-of-the-art tactics, techniques and equipment for military and police snipers. Starting at Gunsite, Plaster demonstrates the use of laser range finders, .50 cal. sniping rifles, and the latest generation of night vision technology. Those living in northern climates will especially appreciate his instruction in winter sniping and cold-weather warfare. Truly a graduate course in sniper warfare. Color, 120 minutes, VHS. 2J4916V Adv. Ultimate Sniper Video $59.95

The Combat Shotgun. Louis Awerbuck (Hit or Myth, The Defensive Shotgun) is "the man" on tactical shotgun tactics. This 1997 video presents his concepts, skills and tactics for employing shotguns in personal combat. Shows marksmanship and and gun handling for all major types of combat shotguns. Dispels myths and shows real life scenarios for employing these skills and tactics in combat. Color, 75 minutes, VHS
2J4937V The Combat Shotgun $39.95

Ultimate Sniper Video. Companion video to Plaster's bestselling book teaches you all areas of fieldcraft, weapons, marksmanship and tactics, optics, range estimation and much more. Includes an exclusive appearance by Carlos Hathcock. Color, 90 minutes, VHS. 2J4745V Ultimate Sniper Video $19.95

Carlos Hathcock: Marine Sniper. Remarkable video experience! The late Carlos Hathcock describes his most famous engagements including the five day standoff with an NVA company and his 2500 yard kill with a .50 BMG! Covers the difference between police and military sniping, target selection, concealment, etc., etc. Snipers must both outshoot and outthink their prey-Hathcock shows you how to do both. Color, VHS, 55 minutes. 2J4769V Hathcock Sniping video $19.95

Deadly Weapons. "First Class... I learned more in 1 1/2 hours than in 22 years of shooting!"-Gun Review. The hottest gun oriented film ever made, highly professional throughout, now at a new user friendly price! If you like guns and shooting, you'll enjoy first hand observations of such events as a tracer round hitting a gas tank, what a .357 Magnum will do to an engine block, how much different bullets are deflected by plate glass and what a .50 caliber MG will do to a car. No matter how many years you've been shooting, you will see many demonstrations in this film that will be new to you. Originally produced for law enforcement, this 100+ minute tape is fascinating, nonstop education and entertainment. 5D0001V Deadly Weapons (VHS) $29.95

Deadly Effects. From the creators of Deadly Weapons, a wound ballistics video. This is a serious presentation on a serious subject. Contains graphic footage, as at crime scenes, that some people may find distasteful. Discusses stopping power, temporary cavitation, the importance of bullet weight, bullet type and penetration. If you've wondered what was true and what was false in the ongoing Caliber/Velocity/Bullet Type debate, this 60+ minute, high quality, professionally produced video will answer your questions 5D0002V Deadly Effects (VHS) $29.95

Deadly Force. Latest Video from the producers of Deadly Weapons and Deadly Effects. This is a sort of video counterpart to Ayoob's In the Gravest Extreme, a training film that tells you, the civilian, when you are legally justified in using a weapons and, as important, when you are not! The law is usually reasonable about self-defense. Nonetheless, a mistake based on an erroneous knowledge of the law could have devastating civil, even criminal, penalties. You'll see criminal incidents and acts of self-defense reenacted and analyzed. You'll learn the law from police officers and attorneys. Yes, make sure that your mindset, tactics and equipment are first rate - but know the laws of self-defense, too! 1 hour 40 minutes.5D0003V Deadly Force (VHS) $29.95

The Battle of Algiers. Now you can own a personal copy of this hard-to-find superlative 1966 film! "Famous, powerful, award-winning film depicting the uprisings against French Colonial rule in 1954 Algiers. A seminal documentary-style film which makes most political films seem ineffectual by comparison in its use of non-professional actors, gritty photography, realistic violence, and a boldly propagandistic sense of social outrage".-Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever. "The quinessential political thriller-a detailed, dramatic, and shockingly documentary-like re-creation of the 1954 Algerian guerrilla war of liberation against France...There are no comparable films being made today, films that combine history with drama and make both so compelling".-David N. Meyer. "The Battle of Algiers is unknown today except among real cinephiles. Even most directors have never heard of it. I think the movie has been completely forgotten. But it was never that well-known in this country except among a very highbrow art-house crowd. It's the definitive movie using documentary technique in drama. Pontecorvo did a brilliant job. I run it for every crew before I start a movie"- John Frankenheimer, director of The Manchurian Candidate and Seven Days in May. Pontecorvo's powerful work is more than just a great dramatic and war film, it is (and has been used by several military organizations as) a primer on the launching and suppressing of urban guerrilla revolutionary warfare. Black and white, 2 hours. 7D6635V Battle of Algiers Not Presently Available

Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. If you've ever seen the Friday night ceremonies at the Marine Barracks in at "Eighth and Eye" in Washington, you'll have vivid memories of this incredible display of precision drill and rifle handling. This is a recording of the 1993 performance of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team at USMCRD San Diego. VHS, 45 minutes. 7D0049V Silent Drill Team $19.95

Secrets of Gunfighting Israeli Style with Eugene Socket. Socket has 30 years experience teaching shooting to elite Israeli army units. Combat tested techniques are demonstrated and explained. Color, VHS, 60 minutes. 2J2262V Israeli Gunfighting $29.95

Sniper. This remarkable VHS video is made from two 1944 German training films. Very high quality B&W film shows the Wehrmacht's combat proven approach to camouflage, fieldcraft, tactics, uniforms and weapons. Commentary and subtitles in English. 67 minutes, VHS. 7J0001V Sniper (VHS) $29.95

SAS Survival Techniques by John "Lofty" Wiseman, a 26 year veteran of the 22nd SAS and Chief SAS Survival Instructor. If you're familiar with either of Wiseman's books, Survive Safely Anywhere (AKA The SAS Survival Handbook) or The Urban Survival Handbook (see page 11 of this catalog) , you know that this is the most comprehensive survival information available. This video shows you how to survive in any climate or terrain - build shelters, acquire and prepare food, locate and purify water, start fires, signal aircraft and navigate, all using just a knife and a few important survival tools. "This tape should be in every training library" - Marine Corps Gazette. 1 hour and 40 minutes, VHS only. 5W0376V SAS Survival Video $64.95

Video - Music and Memories of the Civil War. Filmed by Bobby Horton for the U. of Alabama Center for Public TV and PBS in 1994 and 1995. In person performance of 18 songs as they might have been sung around a garrison campfire-Dixie, The Bonnie Blue Flag, Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Kennesaw Line, Battle of Shiloh Hill, 13 more. VHS, 63 minutes, 9B0001V $24.95

This is Your Enemy. Original German war film with English narration. Famous film of the 1939 conquest of Poland which was shown elsewhere in Europe early in WW2 to intimidate potential German foes. 41 minutes, VHS only 3C0725V This is Your Enemy Video $19.95

Motion Picture History of the Korean War. Documentary footage from 1950 to 1953. 58 minutes, VHS 3C0616V MP Hist. of Korean War Video $19.95

This is Korea. Famed director John Ford's rare documentary on Korea. Color, 50 minutes, VHS. 3C0617V This is Korea Video $19.95

Battle of San Pietro. Many professional soldiers consider this the best infantry war documentary ever made. Bloody 1943 battle in Italy was filmed and narrated by director John Huston in one of his earliest productions. 33 minutes, VHS 3C0667V Battle of San Pietro Video $19.95

Americans in War. Six propaganda and training films from WW2 designed to motivate the soldier and civilian. "Curiosity Killed a Cat", "Mr. Blabbermouth", "Dangerous Comment", "My Japan", "Freedom Comes High", and "Kill or Be Killed". 85 minutes, VHS 3C0188V Americans in War Video $19.95

Marines at Tarawa and The Shores of Iwo Jima . Two great USMC documentaries of these awesome battles in full color, 40 minutes, VHS. 3C0703V USMC Documentaries $19.95

Black Medicine. Graphic video on the vulnerable points of human anatomy. Focuses on the strikes that the film's instructors (martial artists and barroom bouncers) know will put a man down. Color, 50 minutes. 2J4582R Black Med Video $29.95